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"The Art of Wellbeing" Erasmus+ Youth Exchange took place in Azerbaijan from 5th to 9th September 2023, with the participation of 24 young participants from Azerbaijan, Italy, Greece, and Slovenia.


The project's primary goal was to give young people the chance to learn about their mental health using a variety of art therapy techniques, to recognize the challenges they face in common, and to seek solutions.


During the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, various sessions including "Team Building Games", "Mindfulness and Dance Therapy", "Avatar Tree of Life", "Liturgy", "Treasure Hunt", "Addressing Bullying - Exploring Types through Theatre" and other activities were organized in an outdoor setting.

The participants also went on a hike to the Laza waterfalls in the Gusar region of Azerbaijan. After the hike, they held a drawing workshop called "Let's dream together" with the local children of the village of Laza, where they drew their dreams in pairs with the children and then exchanged the drawings.

The intercultural nights, which allowed participants to share values and learn about each other's cultures, added a unique and enriching perspective to the program.

On the last day of the project, there was an informational session on Erasmus+ and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), where participants exchanged their own initiatives and ideas and worked on the ongoing dissemination of the project.

Finally, participants had an evaluation session where they shared their feedback and emotions with the group. All group members created their own mini memory books and wrote nice words to each other as a reminder.


The project as a whole has been so heart-warming, with its sessions, the commitment of the participants and the harmony that the community as a whole has created.


Amina, participant


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