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About us





The Institute Circle is international, non-governmental & non-profit organization that works in the field of human rights protection, humanitarian work, social equality, development cooperation, environmental protection and other forms of inequality and social exclusion, etc.


We pay special attention to socially endangered families, women and children who are victims of violence, war and to all the vulnerable people and ethnic groups. The projects we implement with partners, i.e. governmental and non-governmental organizations, volunteers and experts, are based on the principle of social responsibility and sustainable development of society in the environment in which we operate and at the same time co-create it.


We strive to gain and maintain the trust of all those who contact us. Our work marks us and gives meaning and the point to our lives. Through work, we contribute a small part to the society and community in which we live. We look for optimism and a positive attitude towards the world in good deeds and good people. Our main values ​​are moral and ethical values ​​such as integrity, responsibility, positive attitude, orientation towards people, etc.


Institute Circle operates both locally and globally and is a member of successful organizations: Platform for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (SLOGA), Humanitarni odzivni center (HOC),, Non-governmental Network Training Organizations of Slovenia (MINVOS), European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), European Network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees (ENAR), Anna Lindh Foundation, Platform for Intercultural Europe, European Workplace Innovation Network, WAHA International & WAHA Balkan, European Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB), Global Network of Volunteering Leadership (IAVE).


Institute Circle is a partner of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and implements international development cooperation and humanitarian aid on the ground.


The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia granted Institute Circle the status of non-governmental organization in the public interest in the field of international development cooperation and international humanitarian aid.


We implement projects in Slovenia, the countries of Southeast Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.


Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness.

Anne Frank

Our vision

Institute Circle advocates the respect and protection of human rights, fundamental freedoms and tolerance. Institute Circle, with its expertise and knowledge of the subject, carries out socially beneficial activities that contribute to the improvement of people's living conditions and contribute to better inclusion in society and the reduction of all forms of discrimination. The fundamental principle of operation is to help people in need and improve their lives through humanitarianism. 


Our mission

Institute Circle operates in accordance with seven principles:

  • humanity,

  • impartiality,

  • neutrality,

  • independence,

  • volunteering,

  • unity,

  • universality.


Institute Circle contributes to respect for human dignity and to a sustainable, fair, inclusive, safe and prosperous society.



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