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The war in Sudan, where the Institute Circle works, has entered its seventh month. According to the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Coordination of emergency relief Martin Griffiths, the country is facing one of the worst humanitarian disasters in our recent history, with the population witnessing continuous bloodshed, terror and sexual violence for the last six months. More than 9 000 civilians have died so far in clashes between the army and the Rapid Support Forces. The country is facing the highest number of internally displaced people in the world, according to the International Organisation for Migration. More than seven million people had to leave their homes in search of a shelter inside Sudan, more than 4.5 million have left their homes in the last six months. In addition, some 1.2 million Sudanese men and women had to find refuge in the neighbouring countries. There is no peace agreement or a ceasefire in sight. The world has completely forgotten about Sudan due to other crises happening in the Middle East and Africa. More than 25 million people in Sudan are in dire need of food, water and medicine. Only some 30% of the hospitals in the country are still functioning, there is a shortage of medicines, and cholera and malaria are spreading in some provinces. UNICEF warns that 10,000 children's lives are at risk due to conflict, disease, malnutrition. Although the fighting is most intense in the capital and in Darfur, from where ethnic cleansing is reported, the conflict is spreading dangerously to other areas of Sudan. Due to the outbreak of violence, fighting and massacres in Darfur Institute Circle has transferred project activities from South Darfur to the provinces of White Nile and Gadaref. 80 families or more than 460 individuals have received food parcels within the project "Dignity and peaceful coexistance of conflict affected communities in Darfur through access to Food Security, WASH, and GBV services«. In White Nile province, 120 families have received food parcels and 300 women and girls have received hygiene parcels within the project "Water, hygiene, food for decent life of Darfur people«. Both projects are implemented in cooperation with our local partner Hope for Friendship and Development and funded by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.


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