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Economic violence against women in the family, which includes restricting access to financial resources, coercive control over money, and threats of property seizure, has serious consequences such as financial dependence, social isolation, and increased risk of poverty and violence.

Every fifth woman in Montenegro is believed to be a victim of economic violence, often unrecognized due to deeply ingrained traditional social norms that support male dominance and control over financial resources and property.

The EKOS project opens the path to economic independence for women and girls in Montenegro through the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic herbs in rural areas. With their own financial resources, women become less dependent on partners or family members, reducing the potential for exploitation or control. Herb cultivation requires relatively little land, but women are often excluded or discriminated against in inheritance and ownership.

Inequality in land access exacerbates economic violence against women and leads to economic dependence on others. Therefore, legal reforms ensuring equal ownership and the establishment of education, support, and financial incentive programs are essential.

By involving municipalities and local non-governmental organizations in the EKOS project, we can achieve even more!

Municipalities can significantly contribute to the economic empowerment of women through various measures, such as the use of municipal land, subsidies for herb cultivation and farming, educational workshops, and the creation of networks of collaboration between local women and institutions. Non-governmental organizations provide support to victims, advocate for their interests, and raise awareness about the importance of combating economic violence. It is necessary to understand what constitutes economic violence, how to recognize it, and how to prevent it.

The project EKOS  "Education and Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups of Women and Girls in Montenegro " implemented by the  Zavod Krog/Institute Circle, NVU Impuls, and NVO Ikre in five participating cities (Nikšić, Berane, Rožaje, Plav, Bijelo Polje), highlights multifaceted approaches to raising awareness and improving the status of women and girls in Montenegro, with financial support by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia within the framework of international development cooperation.



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