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Violence in the family primarily affects women. Children become victims of violence as passive witnesses to physical, psychological, economic, and sexual abuse in the family. The consequences are health, behavioral, and emotional problems that they carry with them throughout their lives.

Violence against women in the family is passed down from generation to generation:

  • Children learn from behavioral patterns observed in the family environment.

  • The multi-generational presence of violence in the family leads to its normalization as something ordinary, resulting in children growing up with the belief that violence is acceptable.

  • Lack of awareness about healthy relationships and recognition of violence leads to a misunderstanding of the unacceptability of violence.

  • Women who have themselves been victims of violence in the family find it difficult to choose a way out of the violent environment, resulting in their children becoming victims of violence or becoming violent themselves.

In Montenegro, violence against women in the family is often hidden in the shadow of societal silence and tolerated due to cultural and social norms. Many victims are afraid to speak out due to shame, fear, or lack of support.

The EKOS project aims to break the cycle of family violence by:

  • Raising awareness about recognizing violence and its harmful consequences in the family.

  • Educating about gender equality.

  • Public campaigns to change social norms and values.

  • Connecting local non-governmental organizations to strengthen support services.

  • Involving local institutions in a supportive network.

  • Economically empowering women and girls.

All our activities include men as well, as only joint participation can stimulate positive changes in society.

The project EKOS  "Education and Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups of Women and Girls in Montenegro " implemented by the  Zavod Krog/Institute Circle, NVU Impuls, and NVO Ikre in five participating cities (Nikšić, Berane, Rožaje, Plav, Bijelo Polje), highlights multifaceted approaches to raising awareness and improving the status of women and girls in Montenegro, with financial support by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia within the framework of international development cooperation.

Together, let's build a better and safer environment for all women and girls in Montenegro.


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