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In the framework of the project "For Our Better Future – Protection and promotion of children and women's rights in BiH", two 4-day long trainings on women's and children's rights are being held in Zenica and Sarajevo. 50 duty-holders and decision-makers, representatives of various institutions from the ten cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are participating in the trainings.

The key topics of the trainings are children's rights, international documents and mechanisms on protection and promotion of children's rights, the situation of children's rights in BiH, documents governing the protection and promotion of women's rights and the fight against gender discrimination, the situation of gender equality in BiH, the fight against gender-based violence and violence against children, documents and mechanisms protecting victims of gender-based violence, etc.

During the trainings, participants will also prepare plans for initiatives, which will be implemented in their institutions and local communities. The initiatives will aim at raising awareness on the importance of respect for women's and children's rights, gender equality and combating gender-based violence.

The trainings are held within the framework of the project "For Our Better Future – Protection and promotion of children and women's rights in BiH", which is jointly implemented by the Institute Circle, the Centre for Education and Research "Nahla" and the Association "Medica" Zenica, with the financial support of the European Union and Ministry for foreign and european affairs of Slovenia. In the course of the project, a group of children and women were first trained to become trainers in the field of children's and women's rights. In the continuation of the project they were raising awareness among their peers and other women on children's and women's rights through workshops held in schools and organisations in the ten cantons of the Federation.

In the second part of the project, two online modules were developed, one on women's rights and the other on children's rights. The modules ( have already been tested by more than 400 schoolchildren and 100 women from the ten cantons of BiH. By the end of the project the modules will also be promoted at the Ministries of Education and Social Affairs in all ten cantons.


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