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With the final activities, we successfully completed the project "For our better future - education and awareness raising on children's and women's rights in BiH". In November, we conducted the third and final training on women's and children's rights for a total of 50 decision-makers and duty bearers, who then raised awareness on women's and children's rights through various initiatives. At the same time, we completed youth workshops on gender equality, and the project's closing events were held in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Bihać.

The last training for representatives of different institutions of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina focused on children's rights and international documents and mechanisms protecting and promoting children's rights, the situation of children's rights in BiH, documents for the protection and promotion of women's rights and the fight against gender discrimination, the situation of gender equality in BiH, the fight against gender-based violence and violence against children, documents and mechanisms protecting victims of gender-based violence, etc.

In October and November, the participants of the three trainings (the first two were held in June) carried out ten initiatives in their cantons to raise awareness about the importance of respecting women's and children's rights, gender equality and combating gender-based violence. Most of the initiatives focused on the prevention of gender-based violence and domestic violence, the role of the police in managing reports of violence and the procedures to be followed in such situations.

In the meantime, the young volunteers, who were trained during the project in gender equality, children's and women's rights and volunteering have completed the implementation of workshops for their peers from rural areas of the Zenica-Doboj Canton. During the interactive workshops, they discussed with their peers about gender-based and domestic violence in their communities and ways to prevent it, as well as how to help victims of violence.

The three final events were held in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Bihać. The events focused on the use of technology in teaching children about their rights. Namely, during the project, two online modules were developed, one on women's rights and the other on children's rights. More than 400 schoolchildren and 100 women from ten cantons of BiH have tested the online modules ( At the closing events, the teachers who guided the children through the module shared their experiences of using it. They stressed the usefulness and attractiveness of the module for children and urged the representatives of the Ministries of Education from the three cantons to introduce the module into the curriculum.

The project "For Our Better Future - Education and Awareness Raising on Children's and Women's Rights in BiH" Institute Circle implemented in cooperation with Medica Zenica and the Nahla Centre for Education and Research, with financial support from the European Union and Slovenian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. In addition to the activities already mentioned above, the project first trained new trainers, 30 children and 20 women, who raised awareness about children's and women's rights among their peers and other women. 400 children and 200 women participated in the workshops, which were held in schools and organisations in the ten cantons of the Federation.

4-day trainings for decision-makers were also organised during the project. 50 representatives of different institutions, such as the police, judiciary, education, etc. from the ten cantons participated in the three trainings.


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