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Together with organizations from Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey we continue our efforts to strengthen young people's understanding, knowledge and skills in sustainable tourism. The activities of the "Youth Travelling Sustainably" project will be built upon and expanded by the participating youth in the new project "Promoting Youth Employment in Sustainable Tourism". Tourism in the Mediterranean partner countries is a key sector for the local economies and offers important opportunities for youth employment. However, it also puts pressure on nature and environment, negatively affects local people, traditional ways of life and cultural heritage.


Within the new project "Promoting Youth Employment in Sustainable Tourism", funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, groups of youth, who have already participated in the sustainable tourism training will share their knowledge on sustainable tourism with their peers. They will educate and inform their peers about basic principles and pillars of sustainable tourism through implementation of several activities, using knowledge on sustainable tourism and creative and entrepreneurial skills they have acquired during their training in Turkey.


Young people from all participating countries will design, organise and implement short sustainable tourism trips based on sustainable tourism principles. During the trips they will introduce their peers to the basic pillars of sustainable tourism and the sustainable aspects of the organised trip, while also introducing the participants to the sights they will see along the way.


The young people will also design and carry out short workshops on sustainable tourism for young people, who study tourism or wish to work in the sector. The last activity will be round tables for youth with experts in the field of sustainable tourism as panelists.


The project aims to actively engage young people in the promotion of sustainable tourism and to increase their peers' awareness and knowledge of sustainable development in general. The project will help young people to strengthen their organization, communication and other employability skills, as well as their project management skills, entrepreneurship and creativity. The project will also reinforce values such as solidarity, awareness of interconnectedness and the need to care for each other and for nature and the environment. Youth exchange between young people from all five partner countries will also strengthen understanding and mutual respect between young people from the five Mediterranean countries.

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